Our Vision
Holy Worlds is here to encourage, equip, train,
challenge, and facilitate quality and effective use of niche media genres
for the glory of God and the furtherance of Christian culture.
This is our prime, overriding purpose, and this is the reason that we exist. Everything we do should either come from this, or move towards this. We facilitate and help other things outside of this purpose via a trickle effect, but not directly. For example, we help people be respectful to their parents, but we do that by fulfilling our prime objective here. Our thrust is to fulfill our mission, that mission is there to glorify God in all of life.
Holy Worlds is a safe environment. It does not tear people down no matter what the circumstances. It always works to behave in a mature, positive way, even when dealing with hot, sticky, controversial issues, which we do not shy from. We work together collaboratively, without attacking or seeking to defeat another person's point of view. We recognize that immorality is different from incorrectness.
Holy Worlds is a resourceful community. We realize that we are not the only sources of information or wisdom for the accomplishment of our goal. We learn always, and we take what we learn from third party resources and bring them here to share them. People can come here to learn from the wisdom of the ages and the world, without having to go through the labor of finding it all themselves. We work together to learn together from others.
Holy Worlds is a community that does not only grow by peer to peer encouragement, but also by mentorship training. We recognize that every single one of us has many things that they can teach and train everyone else in. We respect each person as someone with unique, individual strengths and knowledge, and we submit ourselves to each other in that respect, seeking to learn from each other in a partnership of learning.
Holy Worlds is a community that does not let people sit idle on their dreams. It pushes people to step out and put forth the effort and diligence required to fulfill their own desires. It does this by example, by accountability among friends, by encouragement, by equipping, by training, and by facilitation. We do not encourage people to relax, but rather to do their absolute best for the glory of God, and through His strength.
Holy Worlds provides the means to help its members do their work better, to help them accomplish the goal of Holy Worlds. It works to make the production of quality and effective godly media more accessible for newcomers to the field of media creation. Our focus on facilitation is to help break new ground: in the bringing up of new authors, filmmakers, artists, and etcetera, as well as in the taking advantage of new forms and strategies of media production. We make collaboration, perfection, and production easier and thus more accessible for amateurs.
Promote Quality
Holy Worlds promotes and works towards media that is not only godly, but quality. We are not here to make it easier for sub-par creations be published, but to make sub-par creations good enough to be publishable. We encourage, but do not condone. We look for the potential in people and help them bring that out, without discouraging them from trying at all. We work to keep people going towards their goal, and we work with people where they are.
Holy Worlds sees that everything we do has an impact and influence. Some things more than others. We work to make sure that the media produced in coordination with and with the help of Holy Worlds is as effective as possible, for the end in the mind of the producer. Not everyone has the same vision, goal, and motive in making media, and we recognize that. We do not impose our own priorities for impact on those of the people we work with: we just help them fulfill their own calling as well as they can.
Using niche media genres
Holy Worlds reaches out to the people and genres that are not commonly reached. We are a geek culture, and we enjoy the strange and the bizarre. We recognize that although there is a need in every genre for the glory of God to shine, we are called to the 'forgotten genres.' We see that the church has completely written off many of these genres, due to a lack of godly examples and a lack of understanding about what makes up these genres. We are here to reclaim the strengths of these genres for the glory of God, instead of shying away from the difficulties associated with them.
Glorifying God
Holy Worlds is a Christian community, dedicated to God. We are here to become more like Christ. What we do, we do to bring Him pleasure. We recognize that our creative gifts are directly from God, and that to use them without His strength, even if done in His name, is counter-productive. We want to show that God is interested in entertainment and pleasure as well as in teaching and training. We want to make the food of entertainment bring glory to God, even if it doesn't have the path to salvation written out in it.
Furthering Christian culture
Holy Worlds is made of culture. That is its muscle, bones, mind, and heart. This culture is built off of godly interaction. We recognize that the way we go about accomplishing an end is just as important as the end itself. And that if we are to impact our world for God through our writing, that writing needs to flow out of a heart and community that is itself impacting the world for God. We are here to behave in a Christian, mature manner to each other.