From fanciful rhymes to rich ballads to sober prayers, "The Sword and Pen" is a collection as diverse as the people who wrote it. A compilation of over 130 poems, drabbles, and six-word stories written by the members of Holy Worlds, this collection showcases the heart and spirit of writers dedicated to capturing their words for Christ. Join an adventure that flows from dragons and battles to love and death. No two poems are alike.

Submissions are divided into three categories: Poetry, Drabbles, and six-word stories. Drabbles are a special category; 100 word stories. Because of the conciseness required they tend to be abstract, more poetry then actual prose. The same goes for the six-word stories, also known as Hemingways.

The Holy Worlds Community Story is an epic undertaking that encompasses fantasy, sci-fi, history and contemporary all in one universe. The HWCS is a group effort to develop these worlds and their cultures in preparation for writing cooperative stories, in the process, forging not only worlds, but friendships as well.

This universe, known as Triterrus, links our Earth with two lost worlds. First, there is the unforgiving, mechanical world of the giants, a land ruled by one powerful corrupt, empire and infested with fell monsters. By contrast is the elegant, fantastical world of the elves, where technology and mythology meet. In out story, the gap between these segregated spheres suddenly bridged and it's a race to restore God's order before one Giant world overtakes the other two, destroying the universe entirely.

Debugger; the Movie is a film project begun in May, 2010. This epic, musical, scifi short film is heavily populated with HW members from the producer, Jay Lauser, to the script writer, Aubrey Hansen, and hopes to gather more.

The story tells of a young computer programmer named Neil Hansen who must battle a computer virus come to life. Singing his way through a complex space ship modeled after his program, he must fight past the code he's created to find the real problem is inside of himself.