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 Post subject: Posting/Topic Features
PostPosted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 5:54 pm 
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Besides the basic functions of posting and replying around the forums, there are some additional features that enable the Forum Team and the users to better maintain a safe and uplifting atmosphere. Within this tutorial, the issuing of warnings, reports, posts requiring approval and bumping topics will be discussed.

Warnings are a form of official notice from the Forum Team for misuse or inappropriate behavior on the Holy Worlds forums. We generally do not have to resort to this disciplinary action, as most of the situations are dealt with by a member of the Forum Team in a kind manner. However, if previous attempts to notify you of a breach in conduct have been ignored or deliberately forgotten, we will place a warning on your account accompanied by a Private Message and/or E-mail explaining the circumstances. If you receive a warning with no explanation, contact a Marcher Lord or Council Member immediately. If the warning is ignored and misbehavior continues, you are subject to banishment from our forums. Please do know that we seek to handle every situation with grace and kindness and that warnings and banishment will be our last resort.

If you find a post that contains inappropriate content or is directly and clearly in violation of the rules or you feel the post should be noticed by the Forum Team for whatever reason, report the post. You may report the post by looking in the bottom right hand corner of an individual post for the black link ‘Report.’ Click on the report button and select the reason from the drop down menu at the topic of the page. You can add additional comments if you so choose, but they are not necessarily warranted. Once you are done, press submit. If you wish to notified when the Forum Team has officially dealt with your report, you may select that option. The Moderators and Marcher Lords will take a look at the report and address it as needed.

As of right now, we do not require that new topics or posts be approved by a member of the Forum Team before going live. If we were to implement this feature in the future, your topic would be submitted to a location seen only by the Moderators and Marcher Lords. In that location, they would either approve or disapprove of your thread. If they approved, your post would appear live on the forums. If they disapproved, you would be notified of why your post was not allowed through. Even though this feature is not in use, we expect all forum users to abide by the rules and uphold integrity whenever they post.

The final forum option sometimes available for use is bumping a topic. We currently have this feature disabled on the forums and highly discourage any type of generic ‘bump’ post simply for the purpose of making a topic more viewable within an individual forum. If you wish to have to have a topic to be more visible, respond to it with a quality post containing thoughtful comments and insight. If the post contains a one word form entirely for the purpose of bumping the topic, we will delete the said post and contact you with an encouragement to refrain from such activity in the future.

If you should come across any other available features within these forums related to topics and user notes/warnings or the like, please reply with your question here.

Blessings to all,
Hannah Marie Lenover

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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