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 Post subject: The User Control Panel (UCP)
PostPosted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 5:53 pm 
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A great deal of a user’s personal options and preferences can be altered or set in the User Control Panel. It may be titled the UPC for short, or the title User Control Panel will be spelled out, depending on which Holy Worlds forum set you are currently residing on. The options within all UCP’s will be the same, however.

General Structure of UCP

Firstly, allow me to spell out the structure of the UCP. All of your various options are categorized to your left on the screen. You have five different categories to choose from: Overview, Profile, Board Preferences, Private Messages and Usergroups. Under Overview, you may locate all your subscriptions, bookmarks, drafts, and attachments. Under Profile, you may edit profile, signature, avatar and account settings. Under Board Preferences, you may set your desired global settings, posting defaults, and display options.

Under Private Messages, you may compose a private message, view your inbox, outbox, and sent messages, manage private message drafts, and view rules, folders, and personal settings. Under Usergroups, you will discover the groups you lead, the groups you are a member of, and the groups that you are not a member of. Now that you know your way around fairly well, let the in depth analysis of each function begin.

Overview Section

When you click on the User Control Panel link, you automatically land on the Front Page. The Front Page contains the topics considered Global Announcements (these are must reads). Below that list, you find the record of your posts. It gives you the total number of posts you have accumulated on the forums, where you post more often and how often you post per day. This page is rather useless (unless you like statistics) and may primarily be used for finding a list of all the posts you’ve ever made, if you so desire. Click on the link ‘Show Your Posts,’ should this be your aim.

The other four sub-categories (subscriptions, bookmarks, drafts, and attachments) are relatively straight-forward. Select any one of the four and you will find a complete list of what you clicked on. You may removed subscriptions and bookmarks from the lists by checking the box found on the right-hand side and clicking the ‘Unwatch’ option on the bottom right. You may view, edit, or delete your drafts by clicking on the draft link. You may view a list of your attachments, their locations, and remove them if you wish from the attachment sub-category. These cover the main functions/options of the Overview section.

Profile Section

Now, navigate down to the Profile category on the left-hand side of the screen. Upon investigating the sub-category stating ‘Edit Profile,’ you will find a number of options or blank text boxes able to be filled in. Unless there is an asterisk next to the title of the box (all titles located on the left-hand side), it is not required to be filled in. If an asterisk is located next to the title, you will be unable to submit your profile unless you have provided a legit answer.

All other sections of this area will be visible to whomever decides they would like to view your profile, unless it is duly noted that such information will remain private. The ‘Edit Signature’ sub-category allows you to input text, images and design in whatever fashion you wish so that it may be displayed at the end of each and every one of your posts without having to type it over and over again. Please note that Council Members and Marcher Lords are granted permission to edit your signature, should it be inappropriate or degrading to other members in nature.

The ‘Edit Avatar’ sub-category provides your current picture and a gallery of approved images that you may use as your personal picture on the forums. The Gallery may be found by clicking on the ‘Select Gallery’ link in the bottom of the table. The drop down menu within the Gallery provides Big, Private and Small avatars. The Big will be larger, the Small a bit smaller than the Big, and the Private are ones people have claimed and would not like to see duplicates of on other profiles around Holy Worlds.

Please respect the wishes of those who have placed their avatars in Private and do not use them for your own, unless you are the owner of the avatar. If you have an idea for a personal avatar, visit the avatar rules and regulations first. After you are certain your avatar is within those guidelines, you may request it be uploaded by Hannah Marie, Seer, or Vanya Katerina Jaynin. The ‘Account Settings’ sub-category allows you to change your Username, E-mail Address, and Password. Please note that we discourage frequent changes of usernames. Please realize also that your account will be deactivated and a Marcher Lord or Council Member will have to reactivate it should you opt to change your e-mail address. And that wraps up the options within the Profile category.

Board Preferences Section

The next available category consists of the Board Preferences segment. Starting in the ‘Global Settings’ sub-category, you may select yes or no for the following options: allowing users to contact you by email (in other words, allowing an email button to be placed on your profile in such a matter that registered users may contact you by the email address you chose to create your account with), allowing Administrators to email you information (please note that we do not email information on these forums unless it is absolutely necessary and vital), users are allowed to send you private messages (basically a personal email system set up and accessed only while logged in on the forums), hiding your online status (your username will be invisible to all members while logged in except Marcher Lords and Council Members), notifying you when you have received a private message (receiving an email stating you have a new private message on the forums), and a popup window that notifies you of a private message (only seen when logged into the forums).

The other options allow you to select the appropriate time zone (if you don’t know your time zone, Google it), language (only one available: English), forum appearance (only two options), and date format. If your country abides by Day Light Savings Time hours, be sure to check yes when you are in the summer months, otherwise your time will appear an hour behind.

Posting Defaults Section

The ‘Posting Defaults’ sub-category allows you to enable BBCode, enable Smileys, attach your signature to the end of every post, and notify you whenever a reply is made to a topic you have either started or posted on via email. As a general rule, always enable BBCode and Smileys, even if you plan to never use them. The next sub-category contains ‘Display Options.’ These options are self-explanatory, the first half allowing you to control what you will see on the forums and the latter half controlling what order new posts will appear in. It is easier to let these settings be as they were automatically set when you registered, for the ease of your visits on the forums.

Private Messages Section

The fourth category takes you to Private Messages. You may view the following sub-categories: the Inbox (where all messages addressed to you are received), the Outbox (where messages sent by you to another stay until the other person has opened/read the message), the Sent Messages (where all messages opened by the recipient originating from you can be reviewed), Compose Messages (where you may craft a new message), Manage PM Drafts (where you may resume the composing of a Private Message previously started and then saved to continue with at a later time), and Rules, Folders, and Settings (where you may create filters/rules, create folders, and select the default action that will automatically take place if your Inbox should reach maximum capacity). And those are your options in a nutshell for the Private Message category.

Usergroups Section

The final category is entitled Usergroups. The functions of this section are rather simple, compared to the other categories. Contained within, you will find a list of all available usergroups. Unless you are a member of the Usergroup, you will be prevented from selecting the Usergroup from the left-hand side to alter your default color. Only one Usergroup accepts applications. If you wish to join that group, you are welcome to submit your query, but we are not obligated to promote you. Click on the name of any Usergroup to discover the group leader and members of the group. If you have questions regarding a group, please feel free to contact the group leader for more information.

This is a rather in depth guide through the User Control Panel, but its intentions did not lie in answering all questions across the board. If you should have any specific questions not already covered in this tutorial regarding the User Control Panel, please inquire of the answer by replying to this thread.

Blessings to all,
Hannah Marie Lenover

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