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 Post subject: phpBB Board and Software Related
PostPosted: Sun Jan 17, 2016 9:59 pm 
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Depending on your observation skills and knowledge with the ins and outs of phpBB forums, you may notice a few links or have a few questions regarding the forum operations themselves. This tutorial basically informs you of some of the lesser known features on the forums and how they may be used by use or other forums you may frequent on in the future.


Some of those who have been on other forums may have heard of the COPPA option available for usage on phpBB forums. The COPPA (also known as the Child Online Privacy and Protection Act of 1998) represents a law installed in the United States requiring any and all websites capable and desiring to collect information from minors (those under the age of 13) to have written parental consent or some other forum of legal guardian acknowledgement, allowing those on the forums the ability to obtain identifiable information from minors. The COPPA restriction usergroup is not in place on these forums, as it is the position of the Council and Sir Emeth Mimetes that we shall not collect such information from minors nor will we allow the content of our site to be inappropriate/misleading to children under the age of thirteen.

Younger Members

We will strive to maintain an atmosphere that is both appropriate and welcoming. We have one forum within these sites that is locked down (Tricky Subjects) to those under the age of thirteen in order to provide a sanctioned place to discuss topics that may not be appropriate for those under thirteen. Should you wish to have access to that forum, you may contract Seer for more information. If you are under thirteen and wish to have access, we will request parental permission.

All topics that may be created for slightly more mature audience present throughtout the forum will contain a Moderator Note of warning at the beginning. When this Moderator Note is sighted or you are granted access to the Tricky Subjects forum, it is by your own discretion and will. If you happen to read something offensive in nature that contains no warning and is viewable to all on the forums, please contact a Moderator, Marcher Lord, Council Member or report the post to the Forum Team immediately so that we may resolve the situation with all due haste.

Board Cookies

Another less than known feature is the ‘Delete all Board Cookies’ option found towards the bottom left of the Forums. Board cookies are phpBB storage cookies that keep you authenticated and logged into the Forum Board. They can provide a number of tracking features, simply to help ease the functions of the forums during your visit. If you ever experience log in problems or get logged out randomly without warning, it will be our first request that you click on this link and select yes to deleting all board cookies. This action will not harm your account, but it might fix the reoccurring problems.

phpBB Features, Software, and Design

The basic forum board software found on this site is produced, released, and copyrighted by phpBB group. All design and modified features were created by Sir Emeth Mimetes with aid from Dieki Kondrael. If you should find this site to be abusive and/or have questions regarding this forum board, please contact Sir Emeth Mimetes directly or one of the Council Members. Do not contact the phpBB group, as they will not respond to your questions or concerns.

However, if you believe that a feature should be added to the basic phpBB forums software, you are more than free to visit phpbb.com and suggest your feature, provided you have taken the time to read through the existing positions on past suggested features. Please do not suggest features for phpBB software on this site, as we will not offer you an answer or a position.

If you happen to find any other odd features or have questions/concerns regarding features not explained in our current Official Chatter and Tech Support topics, feel free to start a new topic in Tech Support.

Blessings to all,
Hannah Marie Lenover

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