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 Post subject: Gifted Names
PostPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:26 am 

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Our birth names identify us as individuals yet sometimes convey a message based on ancient history.

"Gifted Names" recognize who we are and the positive contributions we are making. Like Trail Rat, Desert Rat, or even Trouble Rat and Lost Rat, gifted names are powerful. They call a true us. They are a recognition of our core by another. You can walk along a trail and be surprised by a beautiful waterfall or encounter a full blown psychotic episode. That’s the adventure of a Trail. You may see a boring Desert yet careful inspection shows a hidden and vibrant life.

We have "Family Supper" on Wednesday; a missional event where our friends come over, eat, and chat, I hang with the kids while the adults talk without little ears around. One young lady of seven doesn't get a lot of affirmation but she is fun to color with and the other day she went into full “caring nurse” mode when I had blood on my arm from a mosquito bite. You can understand why she is “Little Awesomeness”. We have a conversation each week:

“Hey, you know what?” I say as the crayon pauses.

“I’m Awesome.” She replies. Doesn’t miss a stroke.

“You’re Awesome.”

I’ve been down lately; events have colluded to cast a shadow over my soul. In the midst of this a long time friend and a new friend have provided critique that encouraged. I would refer to atpollard as “Old Geezer” but I’m older and more geezery. So I’m stuck with just a sincere “Thank you!” for him.

Despairing times call for their own measures. Of course I’m usually happy to poke someone in a joyfully embarrassing way. To that end I respectfully gift Alias Ember with the name “Ever Enthusiastic Reader” in recognition of the friendship and encouragement she has provided.

Thank you both.

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 Post subject: Re: Gifted Names
PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 4:05 am 
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This is so sweet! And I totally agree with you. Names are incredibly powerful--whether that's our called-by name, or just the labels we put on ourselves and on others, and the labels others put on us. It's also very clear in Scripture that names are very important and even have prophetic/spiritual significance (in some cases) to God.

That's why I love the story where Jesus changes Simon's name to Peter. Peter was not, at that point, an emotionally/spiritually stable "rock," but Jesus knew He would become one, so He spoke it over Him confidently. I love that God calls us by what we can BECOME, not by what we are now.

It's wonderful that you're spending that time with the kids. That will impact them for a long time.

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