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Bee Better-3
Photography, 8 June AD 2012
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So... for those of you who know, there is a very special little alien known as Mr. Philmore Better (yes, I named him). He belonged to my baby brother, Samuel, while he was alive.

Philmore Better we a very special little guy, for he was my brother's Trach Buddy and kept Samuel from developing sores on his skin from his Trach rubbing.

Well, after the Lord took Samuel home, Mr. Philmore Better became very dear to our family, for many reasons. He was put on a shelf and taken down to hug every so often when we needed someone to help us feel more better (get it?).

Anyways. Elianna loves him. I love him. Everyone loves him. So the onlything to do was for me to create a pattern (something I HATE doing, so it's saying something that I was willing). After much trial and error I was able to perfect my design, and now have a number of little aliens to share with you all.

Here is the Better Family, made up of Philmore Betters (males) and Bee Betters (females).